Three ways to build a better loan officer team in 2023

The outlook for 2023 remains uncertain – but we can anticipate more change, which necessitates new approaches and solutions. While there is no silver bullet, there are tangible things you can do to meet the moment and strengthen your loan officer team in 2023.


8 qualities loan officers should look for in a mortgage employer in 2023

As a mortgage loan officer, your choice of employer can have a significant impact on your career and financial success. With the mortgage industry constantly evolving, it's important to stay informed about the qualities you should look for in a potential mortgage employer in 2023.


The data-driven evolution of loan officer hiring

Let’s rewind time for a minute. Picture this: It’s 2015 and you’re sitting in your office, evaluating your next potential hire. You’ve just started building a relationship with a loan officer you think would be great for your team...