Introducing Modex Profiles: Revolutionizing loan officer recruiting and hiring

Aug 07, 2023

LYNNWOOD, WA (PRWEB) AUGUST 07, 2023: Modex, a digital platform for mortgage recruiting and hiring, announces its latest product offering: Modex Profiles, a revolutionary platform that helps mortgage companies nationwide make more informed hiring decisions, bring efficiency to the recruiting process, and save money – while solving a key challenge for loan officers by reducing the risk of changing employers and providing clearer visibility into the job market.

Building on the success of their popular product offering, Modex Recruit, Modex Profiles gives mortgage employers access to robust data along with the ability to communicate with loan officers in one centralized platform, significantly reducing time and dollars spent on recruitment. For loan officers, Modex Profiles revolutionizes the job search process by providing real-time data about employment opportunities within specific geographic markets and connecting them with hiring managers, with the added protection of anonymity.

"The future of loan officer recruiting is NOW with Modex Profiles. We are thrilled to introduce a solution that empowers mortgage industry professionals to connect, engage, and make data-driven decisions," says Dale Larson III, CEO. "Modex Profiles will transform recruitment in the mortgage sector."

Much like profiles on dating apps, Modex Profiles gives loan officers insights into a company's best qualities, including details about compensation, benefits, community, culture, and more. In turn, hiring managers gain access to essential information about loan officer candidates, including production level, number of units, production and product mix percentages, real estate data, and licensing details.

Hiring managers can identify loan officers actively seeking new opportunities through a “hand raised” feature. Loan officers with their hands raised remain anonymous until they are ready to reveal their identity, protecting their anonymity and reducing the risk of current employers gaining knowledge of their job search. When both parties are ready for the next step in the hiring process, they can have conversations directly within Modex Profiles.

In a challenging market, loan officers and mortgage companies have struggled to find and engage their ideal employers and candidates. Modex Profiles is a revolutionary streamlined approach that minimizes risk, increases return on investment, and accelerates the recruitment process, giving employers and job seekers a competitive edge.

Find more information about Modex Profiles and explore its features here.

About Modex:

Founded in 2015, Modex is a technology startup on a mission to create new solutions that drive the mortgage industry forward and make hiring better for everyone. Its platform enables mortgage companies and loan officers to make smart employment decisions by providing key mortgage, real estate and consumer insights on every loan officer, branch, and company across the U.S. Having become one of the fastest-growing technology startups in the mortgage industry, Modex continues to innovate for its customers and expand the company’s footprint nationwide.

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