Modex Score

Modex measures production, professional experience, market conditions, and other factors such as location to assign each loan officer a Modex Score of 0 to 100, enabling you to evaluate a loan officer's productivity and profitability at a glance.

The key to the Modex Score is the fact that it's geographically peer based. The importance of the geographic peer based weighting is not all loan officers around the United States are the same - so we cannot score them the same. A loan officer in Seattle is doing much different production than a loan officer in Little Rock.

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Export history

View a history of your exported items and re-export. Very handy if you accidentally lose a spreadsheet!

Real Estate Agent Filtering

Filter more than 1.5m real estate agents in milliseconds! Identify agents base on your filtering criteria and view combined, list, and buy side metrics.

Modern technology

Modex is built on modern technology that allows us to deliver an enormous amount of data to our clients in milliseconds. This same technology allow us to rapidly build and deploy new features and functionality.