Understand who your referral partners are working with when they’re not working with you.

Mapping and geospatial

View office locations on a map and transactions in a heatmap. Modex's internal geocoding service transforms millions of addresses into latitudes/longitudes for mapping every month.


Organize loan officers, branches, companies, and real estate agents into various groups. Take action on your Lists by syncing, exporting, and more!

Contact data feedback & requests

Provide feedback on Modex's contact data, it'll get requeued to be recollected. Also request data on specific contacts.

Data accuracy and coverage

Modex has comprehensive licensing and employment coverage, coverage of 95% of the US population for mortgage transactions, and 235 MLS' nationwide.


Modex has many production ATS/CRM integrations and the architecture to integrate with hundreds of others.

Market trends and market share

View and filter detailed data on how different markets are performing around the country. View and rank both loan officers and companies to see how they perform.

New Prospect Notifications

Get monthly proactive notifications on new loan officers that fit your hiring/prospecting criteria.

Global Search

Quickly use Global Search to search across all the entities in Modex. Advanced Modex users use a keyboard shortcut to quickly search for potential candidates.

Autocorrecting search

Not sure how to spell someone's name? Modex Search will give you relevant results when we cannot find a perfect match.

API, webhooks, and payloads

Access select Modex data by interacting with our various APIs and webhook.

Saved filters

Save your hard work of creating filters by saving your filtering criteria for later use!

Bulk Actions

Take action on multiple items while filtering. Add multiple items to a list, unlock contact data, or request contact data.

Refinance Only

The "Refinance Only" setting allow you to only see refinance data in the platform. This is especially useful for those in the title industry.

Active loan officer headcount

Look beyond total loan officers at a branch or company and understand how many of them are actually producers. This is especially helpful with credit unions, banks, and depositories.

Contact data dashboard

View Modex's progress at collecting and correcting contact data in realtime.

Data transparency

Clear data on where Modex has coverage, how historical the data is, and how recently it's been updated.

Dedicated account executive

During your relationship with Modex you will have one Account Executive as a point of contact for billing, support, onboarding, and any of your other needs.

Display settings

Change default settings to your preferences. Don't like always seeing 12m of performance metrics? Change it to always see a different timeframe. Various default display preferences are available.

Easy clipboard

Easily grab individual metrics by clicking the clipboard icon. The clipboard icon allows you to see exact dollar amounts instead of summaries ($1,225,000 vs $1.22m).

Expanded metrics

Drill beyond the initial summary that Modex provides into all the data and metrics available.