Our commitment to data integrity

Modex is on a mission to create new technology solutions that drive the mortgage industry forward. However, we can only drive progress if we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, compliance, and transparency. We are committed to collecting and leveraging data in a way that benefits our customers and the industry as a whole.

Modex has data on more than 95% of the US population’s residential home loans and 100% of all licensing data on loan officers, branches, and companies nationwide. All of our data is refreshed monthly, and our anomalies detection system is frequently updated to mitigate and resolve data discrepancies quickly.
Modex is a proud member of RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) and AARMR (American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators), where we advocate for the standardization of mortgage and real estate data to increase transparency and innovation throughout the industry. We adhere to all NMLS and MLS rules, we only work with sound data providers, and we always use data responsibly in full compliance with data laws.
We are committed to transparency about where we get our data. See where we have coverage, how far the data goes back in time, and when it was last updated through our Supported Counties page. Modex customers also have visibility into supported MLS data on our Supported MLS page (login required).

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Powered by modern technology, Modex delivers robust mortgage and real estate industry data on loan transactions, loan officers, branches, and companies nationwide.

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